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Toyota Yaris

Toyota Auris Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Mr Varley - Lancashire - Fitted nicely out of sight

control box placed behind panel of the car

All neat as the trim closed up

panel placed back on

All easy fitted & neat

neat installation

Good match to paintwork

Perfect finish you would never know they werent original

Dolphin Silver Fitted to Toyota Auris

Robert Thomas

Sensor cables were fitted by removing towing point covers on front bumper. Cables fed to driver side so as to allow connection to an added switch for front sensors to be turned on or off as needed. This was mentioned in your notes on p6 for kit DPS400F/450F but not on p7 for kit DPS800 which has 8 sensors and the one I fitted. Photos show the positioning of sensors on front bumper to give the best results.

Silver Toyota Auris

Careful selection of sensor positions enabled the sensors to be fitted without the removal of the bumper. Take care when drilling to avoid the steel chasis piece behind the bumper. Cables only require the drilling of a gromet hole to enter the boot for connections to the reversing lamp. Control box was fitted inside rear light compartment out of sight. Beware- on the Auris the reversing light connection is on the passenger side only.

Rear of Toyota Auris

Dolphin Parking Sensors Toyota Auris

This Toyota Auris had Matt Black Dolphin parking sensors sprayed to an exact match

Graham G-Tech

Red Toyota Auris with matching parking sensors

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis with a DPS400M kit fitted, this comprises of 4 rear sensors (in silver for this customer), a rear view night vision camera and not shown in the photo is the mirror monitor.

Toyota Avensis with silver rear parking sensors with camera

Camera installed in rear bumper

Dolphin Red Fitted to Toyaota Avensis Estate 2003

John Corcoran

I checked before ordering about the bumper and was confident  I didn't need to remove it. There is a brace bar behind it and you need to be careful when drilling for  sensors A & D as the drill will hit it when through  (more so as not to snap the drill). The top of the rear bumper is just over  500mm but the sensors fitted easily at this height though they need to be eased home (the cutter supplied was perfect). It's a bit fiddly but the wires can be cabled tied to the brace bar.

I drilled a 10mm hole in the spare wheel housing (some trays have to be removed for this but the spare wheel can stay in , put in a grommet (bound the wires here with insulation tape)  and cabled tied the sensor wires to the loom leading to the nearside rear lamp. There is a locker on the nearside which has an access panel made to measure for the ECU. Removing the floor tray (2*self tappers) allows access under the side trim panel.

sensors fitted easily at this height
It is easier to remove the rear lamp (3*10mm nuts) to join the wires. They are not that thick a gauge wire and I opted to solder but scotch locks should do the job. Removing the lamp also makes it easier to feed the wires up behind the trim panel.

Inner Trim

Siting the bleeper was my only problem. It will fit in the locker but I carry several crates and have the touneau cover over them; this does muffle the sound so I opted to run the lead up the trim and put the sensor on a rear window ledge where it's out of the way (for me) but probably not the best place; really depends on the installers preference.

Toyota Avensis Beeper

Maroon Sensors
Proof of the pudding was backing up and I'm relieved to say it worked first time (and every time since). the photo shows how close before the continuous tone (In reality this equates to a closer distance than the cone I was using).

Distance Constant Note
All in all worth the money.

Toyota Aygo

Installation of Dolphin Automotive Parking Sensors on the new Toyota Aygo with multi coloured bumpers. It was suggested to the customer we could offer two red sensors for the outer (It would have cost the same price), but he was happy with the way the white ones looked.  The installation was carried out by Daniel Boyes at Pen-Y-Bryn-Autos

Toyota Aygo with white parking sensors

Toyota Corolla Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Front parking sensors and rear reversing sensors in silver fitted to a Toyota Corolla by Colin.

Front parking sensors Toyota Corolla

rear sensors Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla With Dolphin Parking Sensors

55 plated Toyota Corolla with silver sensors fitted.

55 plated Toyota Corolla

sensors in the silver bumper

Toyota Corolla Verso Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Silver reversing sensors fitted to Toyota Corolla Verso in the Kent area

Toyota Corolla Verso

Toyota GT 86 fitted in Nottinghamshire.

Red Dolphin parking sensor kit fitted to Toyota GT 86 fitted in Nottinghamshire by an associate installer

Red Dolphin parking sensor kit

Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT with red parking sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Toyota Hilux

8 Sensor (4 front and 4 rear) Audio Kit Fitted to Toyota Hilux 59 plate by our fitter Dennis

Toyota Hilux parking sensor installation

Front parking sensors on Hilux

silver sensors on Hilux

Toyota Hilux Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Toyota Hilux with front and rear parking sensors fitted.

Toyota Hilux with front and rear parking sensors

rear of Hilus with silver parking sensors in bumper

Parking Sensors Fitted to Toyota Hilux Invincible

Toyota Hilux Invincible with silver sensors in the chrome rear bumper and silver sensors in the front bodywork. Please note sensors cannot be fitted in enclosed metal spaces such as bull bars but this sort of chrome bumper is OK. Customer opted for a DPPK4 kit which has 4 rear sensors with a rear roof mounted display and separately 4 front sensors with a front dash mounted display. Professional installation carried out by Daniel Boyes, one of our approved partner installers.


Dolphin automotive parking sensors

Dolphin Fitted to Toyota Hilux Invincible

Kit Fitted to Toyota Hilux Invincible our fitter Dennis. Four sensors and camera mounted above towbar.

Hilux Invincible with black parking sensors

close up on Hilux Invincible

Dolphin Camera Fitted to Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible

A less common and rather large Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible on an 56 plate with two separate kits fitted. On the rear we have fitted a DPS400M with 4 rear sensors in silver and a reversing camera fitted below the numberplate. There is a mirror mounted monitor that shows the picture from the rear. On the front is a DPS400F, this is a purpose designed front kit with longer sensor leads for fitting around the engine bay with audio alerts, two sensors facing forward and the other two at the sides.

56 reg land cruiser

front parking sensors on toyota

reversing sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors Toyota Previa

This Toyota Previa has a DPS450F kit fitted which is a front sensor kit with dash mounted display in sea blue. The same car is also shown on a separate page with a rear kit fitted as the customer purchased the DPPK4 kit for complete front and rear protection with the kits independently operated.

Toyota Previa with parking sensors installed

Display mounted on the dash board

Dolphin Parking Sensors Toyota Previa

Example from installer Colin in Kent of a Dolphin DPS455, rear roof mounted display, installed on a Toyota Previa with sea blue colour sensors.

Dolphin DPS455, rear roof mounted display,

display mounted at rear on the roof

Dolphin Audio Maroon Fitted to Toyota Previa

Maroon Dolphin parking sensors fitted to a Toyota Previa by our customer Mr A Rotherham, who also kindly sent in this photo to show what a great match it was for his car.

Maroon Toyota Previa

Dolphin DPS470 Parking Sensors Fitted to Toyota Prius

"I am very satisfied with the parking sensor system recently purchased from
you, here are pictures and a brief description of fitting sensors to a 2010 Toyota Prius which you may wish to use on your website."
Tony Hegarty

Toyota Prius 2010
The sensors can be fitted on the rear bumper cover without removing it from the car. The metal bumper runs about midway inside the cover so that the sensors can be fitted either above or below this without obstruction.  Fitting them around 57 cm above the ground sets them above and nicely clear of the bumper and within the recommended 40 – 70 cm.

Prius with Silver parking sensors

standard size silver sensors
As the contour of the bumper cover would tilt the sensors slightly upward the spacers were used, which brought them level. In order to feed the sensor wires into the boot it is necessary to move two plastic panels from underneath the car.  These are held in place by a number of plastic pins, three plastic screws, and one 10mm bolt.  The plastic pins are removed by popping the centre of the pin outward and the whole pin will then come out easily.  The pins can be reused when the job is done.  A rubber grommet in the rear left side of the wheel well makes passing the wires forward easy and there is room for the “control box”  behind the small plastic storage compartment directly under the light cluster making connection to the reversing light convenient.

control box
The wires attached to the reversing light were too tight to allow a scotchlock to be used so the connection was soldered.  A good earth connection is available at the nearby chrome cargo hook. The wireless version was used so the display can be fitted in a number of convenient places.

wires attched to bulb light

Dolphin Audio Silver Fitted to Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav 4 fitted by Colin in Kent with the standard silver colour parking sensors. The spare wheel on the back door of the Rav 4 was not an issue for the parking sensors.

Rav4 with parking sensors installed

57 reg Rav4

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Toyota Verso

This is a Toyota Verso with a DPS450 parking sensor kit fitted to the rear by installer Danny Boyes in Flintshire. This kit is generally sold as a dash mounted display but the customer has opted to have the display fitted above the rearview mirror in this instance as shown in the second photo.

Verso with parking sensors installed

Display mounted on top of the rear view mirror

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Toyota WH

Audio Kit Fitted to Toyota WH 04 plate by our fitter Dennis

parking sensors Fitted to Toyota WH

 Toyota WH 04 plate

neatly installed across the length of the bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Toyota Yaris

A Silver 57 reg Toyota Yaris with 4 rear sensors fitted with audio alerts (DPS400). Another system installed by Dennis though our fixed price fitting option. Another bumper saved from scrapes and scuffs.

57 reg Toyota Yaris with 4 rear sensors fitted

4 rear sensors fitted with audio alerts (DPS400)

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Toyota Yaris

This is a fitting to a Toyota Yaris with front and rear sensors carried out in Basingstoke by one of our mobile installers

Toyota Yaris with parking sensors installed
close up of the rear sensors ona  Yaris

Silver sensors on the front of a Yaris

neatly installed below the trim

Flush sensors Fitted to Toyota Prius

Installation of Dolphin Automotive DFM400 flush mount sensors fitted by Dennis onto a Toyota Prius in Northampton .

Toyota Prius



Flush fit parking sensors

close up