Skoda Parking Sensors

Skoda Parking Sensors


Skoda - Yellow

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia MPi

Skoda Rapide

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Fitted With Silver Dolphin Parking Sensors

Martin Halsey - Bristol

before installation

mearsure for the height of where the sensors need to sit

Drill using the correct size bit (supplied with the unit)

drill part way through

take the bumper strip off

finish the hole

sensors part fitted in the strip

sensors fitted

view along the bumper

tape the wires together to keep them neat

fit through a gromit

control box

close up of wires going in to the control box



Yellow Skoda fitted with Dolphin Parking Sensors

Yellow Skoda fitted with Dolphin Parking Sensors by one of our network of installers. Yellow is one of our standard sensor colours therefore there is no fear of paint being chipped off or wearing off over time.

Yellow Skoda parking sensors

close up of yellow parking sensors

installed yellow sensor

Dolphin Fitted to Lexus Skoda Octavia

This Skoda Octavia is Skoda paint colour "Storm Blue" which is a great match for the dolphin sensor colour "Sea Blue". The plate is a 10 reg and the customer installed the DPS400 kit himself.

Skoda Octavia

Close up of sensor

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Skoda Octavia MPi

Standard Sized Dolphin Parking Sensors fitted to the rear bumper of a 11 reg plate Skoda Octavia MPi. These were fitted by Graham of G-Tech.

Silver sensors installed in a Skoda

Skoda Rapid 2013 With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the service of ordering and fitting my Dolphin Parking Sensors.

I rang initially and both guys I spoke to were very helpful in the knowledge of the product. I placed an order online, parts were delivered recorded and I was kept informed of progress.

The installer was excellent, please pass my thanks onto him too. He explained everything, and even though he hit a snag with the CANBUS adapter not working he proposed all options and was even willing to travel again if I wanted time to think. We went for front visual and rear audio in the end as he had a kit in the car, everything was installed to a very high standard and a demo done to show how it worked.

I also got a refund for the CANBUS adapter, no questions asked and on the spot which is excellent customer service.

Feel free to place this testimonial on your website, I also have some pics if you want to put them up too (please download and host on your end as I can’t guarantee they will stay in my Dropbox folder all the time). This is a Skoda Rapid 2013.

white sensors installed on a Skods Rapide

white bumpers

display installed on top of the rear view mirror

rear bumper

sensors to match the body coloured bumper

Skoda Yeti With Dolphin Parking Sensors

A 2011 model Skoda Yeti with matt black sensors. Fitting carried out in Gloucester through our mobile installation service.

Matt black sensors installed in a black bumper

the colour blends with the bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors Skoda Yeti

Finally got the sensors fitted, no problem really. Here is a photo of the rear fit, I'll send a second photo showing the inside setup in the boot. I've tested the operation, and everything is sweet.Thanks again for your help, if anyone asks about the sensors I will get them your information.

Kervyn Ducker - Perth , Western Australia

sweet install

Here's the photo showing the boot setup, this photo is taken from the side, looking into the right hand side of the boot well.

right jhand side of the boot