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Seat Parking Sensors

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Seat Leon

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Parking Sensors installed on a Seat Mii - White

This installation is of a set of white DPS400 sensors on a 14 reg Seat Mii.  The sensors are standard size sensors and white is a stock colour so there is no need for the cost of a custom spray to get a great match. 

Seat Mii Installed with parking sensors

 Close up of white sensor


Seat Arosa Fitted With Silver Dolphin Parking Sensors

Submitted By Customer - Chris Gibbs Norwich, Masking tape used on bumper to mark out where to drill holes and also to ensure neater holes produced with drill

Holes drilled with the drill as supplied with the dolphin parking sensor kit

holes drilled

Sensors fit perfectly in to the holes that were drilled in to the bumper

sensors placed in holes

The back fiew of the removed bumper with sensors in place 

wires on the other side of the bumper

Wires through gromit


Wires neatly tied with cable ties near to the control box

cable ties

Close up of finished job

close up of the finished job

The final result of the fitting on the Seat Arosa

finished job

Flush mount rear roof display kit fitted to Seat Ibiza

Dennis one of the fitters in our network installed this gloss black DFM455 (flush mount rear roof display kit) in Luton to a Seat Ibiza 2018.

Seat Ibiza with flush fit parking sensors
Close up of flush fit sensor

Dolphin Audio Black Fitted to Seat Leon

From Customer - Craig Radford

"Here are the pictures of me installing the rear parking sensors on my
2006 Seat Leon. The rear parking sensor are a great product and were very
easy to install. The whole installation process only took just over two
hours and they look great."

Close up of hole drilled in bumper

Dolphin Audio Black Fitted to Seat Leon

Dolphin Fitted to Seat Leon

A Seat Leon with Dolphin reversing sensors in our muddy grey colour.

Seat Leon

Seat Leon With Dolphin Parking Sensors

This is a Seat Leon 08 reg with our Dolphin Yellow DPS400 parking sensors fitted. Not a perfect match but better that standard black without the cost of spraying.

Seat Leon 08

Close up of yellow parking sensors on leon

Dolphin Fitted to Silver Seat Leon

Professional parking sensor installation of DPS400 on a silver seat leon, 2008 reg.

Seat Leon 2008

close up of parking sensors