Renault Parking Sensors

Renault Parking Sensors

Renault Captur

Renault Captur - Micro

Renault Captur 2017

Renault Clio 06

Renault Clio 59

Renault Clio

Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Espace

Renault Espace

Renault Espace 06

Renault Megane CC

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Renault Scenic

Renault Trafic 06

Renault Trafic 59

Renault Captur fitted with Parking Sensors

Renault Captur dCI 63 reg fitted with matt black parking sensors in the rear bumper.  The installation was carried out by one of our network installers.

Renault Captur fitted with parking sensors

close up of the sensor

close up of the bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Renault Captur

This Renault Captur is best fitted with Matt Micro parking sensors as the Crash Bar is Positioned Close to the Bumper and the FREE space at the top is Limited

Renault Captur fitted with matt black micro parking sensors

Close up of the bumper with the sensors fitted in the ideal location

Renault Captur 2017 Fitted With Matt Black Sensors

2017 Renault Captur fitted with matt black rear audible parking sensors by Watton Towing

Renault Captur 2017

Matt black sensors installed in bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Renault Clio 06

Photographs of a Renault Clio 06 registration with 4 rear sensors in the traditional gloss black colour. Professional looking finish by Dennis, one of our national installer team.

Renault Clio 06 registration with 4 rear sensors

gloss black sensors blend really well in to the bumper of this car

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Renault Clio

The latest face lift model Renault Clio on a 59 plate with the DPS400 kit in silver with 4 rear sensors and a buzzer mounted in the boot. Fitted by Dennis giving the customer a nice saving over the factory fit option.

59 reg Renault Clio with sensors

Renault Clio Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

A Renault Clio with 4 matt black sensors fitted in the matt black bumper trim using the standard Dolphin DPS400 and installed using our nationwide mobile installation service.

Renault Clio with parking sensors

Matt black blends really well in to this rear bumper

Parking Sensors Fitted to Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Grand Scenic 2009 with a DPS600 kit fitted (4 rear sensors and 2 on the front). Installation carried out by Daniel Boyes through our fixed price nationwide installation service.

Renault Grand Scenic 2009

front and rear parking sensors on Renault Grand Scenic 2009

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Renault Espace

This is a photo of a DPS400 with Matt Black parking sensors fitted to the plastic trim of an Ice Blue Renault Espace by our fitter Dennis

Renault Espace with sensors installed on the rear

view from the other side

Dolphin Iron Grey Fitted to Renault Espace Front & Rear

David Moore
Dolphin Iron Grey system Installed on MK4 2004 Renault Grand Espace by 2 professionals. Please note that the bumpers have metal plates in them which can be troublesome when drilling the holes, especially if you are self fitting depending onyour skill level.

"I am very please with my sensors, my fitters did an excellent job and the iron grey blends in well with my bumpers. They also managed to fit an on/off switch for the front sensors in a blanking plate in my dashboard. As you recommend, it is best to get your own blank switch from
your dealer."

 Renault Espace Front & Rear parking sensors

side front view

other side front view

rear parkign sensors

close up of parking sensors on  Renault Espace

Rear of car view showing how the sensors blend

Dolphin Parking Sensors Renault Espace

Renault Espace people carrier 2006 with parking sensors in silver fitted by Dennis through our fixed price mobile installation service.

Renault Espace 06 reg with parking sensors

closer view of the sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Renault Megane CC

This installation was done through our nationwide installation service and fitted by Dennis. Customer opted to have silver sensors which have been fitted in the rear mouldings of the Coupe Cabriolet. We believe this is the standard DPS400 kit which has been fitted.

Renault Megane CC with parking sensors

close up of the sensors

00 reg megane

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Megane 10 Reg

Here is an installation on a 2010Megane Coupe, theywerefittedbyRenoCarCareinTranentEastLothian

Customer Ms H Fleming

Megane 10 Reg

Dolphin Black Fitted to Maroon Renault Scenic

Please note that Dolphin is available in Maroon

Kevin Sangster

Installation without removing bumper on a Renault Scenic .

using masking tape to mark out drilling locations on the bumper

holes drilled

close up of sensor in bumper

rear bumper

4 rear sensors in gloss black

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Renault Trafic

Kit Fitted to white Renault Trafic van. A DPS400 kit with Matt Black sensors placed in the plastic moulded bumper. If you have any sort of bulkhead in your van separating the driver from the load you can extra the buzzer forward into the cab or if you want a display version the DPS470 wireless kit is a good idea.

Renault Trafic 06

parking sensors installed in van bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Renault Trafic Van

Fitted by our contact Dennis to a 59 Reg Renault Trafic van, Silver colour sensors to the bumper

Parking sensors installed in Renault Trafic Van

close up of silver sensors on van

close up