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Mazda3 Sport

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Mazda 6

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Here Graham at G-Tech has installed our standard sized red parking sensors on to the rear colour co-ordinated bumper of a Mazda2

Mazda2 with red sensors

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Mazda 3 Sport

An 06 plate Mazda 3 Sport with a DPS400 reverse parking sensor kit with Moroccan Red coloured sensors giving a reasonable colour match. Installation carried out by Dennis, part of our national installer network.

DPS400 reverse parking sensor kit with Moroccan Red coloured sensors

Mazda 3 Sport with body coloured sensors

Dolphin Iron grey Fitted to Mazda 6

Kevin Sangster

Dolphin Audio in Iron Grey fitted to a Mazda 6.

Iron grey parking sensors on a Mazda 6

stock coloured sensors at no extra cost

neat installation to look like original parts

Dolphin Parking Sensors Mazda 6

Iron Grey sensors fitted to a Mazda 6 with towbar. The towbar and electrics cause no issues for the sensors as they fall in a dead zone between the sensors as they are at close range.

Mazda 6 parking sensors

Mazda 6 Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Mazda 6 with a DPS860 front and rear parking sensor kit fitted in Kent. Supplied in our standard silver colour. Display has been mounted on the dashboard by the front drivers side pillar.

Mazda 6 with a DPS860 front and rear parking sensor kit

Front of Mazda 6 with silver parking sensors

dash mounted elite display

Dolphin Sea Blue Audio Fitted to Mazda 6

Mazda 6 with sea blue sensors

Mazda 6 with blue parking sensors

Great match of sensor colours without the need to spray

Dolphin Parking Sensors Mazda CX6

New Mazda CX6 with sensors fitted to the front to help the owner get to grips with driving his new car and keeping his pride and joy in one piece. Carried out by Colin Kitchenham covering Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Mazda CX6 with parking sensors installed on the front

Dolphin Fitted to Mazda CX-7

Mazda CX-7 parking sensors fitted in Reading by Dennis as part of our fixed price mobile installation service. As the bumper is curved on the lower sensors the wedges that come in the box on the DPS range of parking sensors have been used to lift/angle the sensors up slightly.

Mazda CX-7 with parking sensors installed ont he rear

Mazda MPV Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Mazda MPV with Reflex Blue parking sensors and tow bar. The Dolphin Parking Sensors are tow bar friendly and do not see the tow bar ball or towing electrics as they are close up to the bumper and sitting between the sensors which are evenly spaced out across the rear. Sea Blue is a better match to this colour if you have a similar colour vehicle.

Mazda MPV with blue parking sensors in body coloured bumpers

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5 with Iron Grey Parking Sensors via installer Colin in Kent.

Mazda MX5 with iron grey sensors installed int he rear bumper