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Honda Accord

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Honda Accord-Tony Canning - Surrey

Dolphin Display in Silver installed on a Honda Accord. Photo's show the brain box again mounted in the side of the boot behind the interior lining with the wiring passing through a small gromit on the edge of the tyre well.

"Attached are the photos of the installation process of our parking sensors. We did not need to remove the bumper, instead fed a piece of taut wire through the bumper and grabbed it from underneath"

Pre Cable Tidy

Feeding sensors through rear bumper

Wires with control box

Sensors before final push in to bumper

Wires tidy

Wiring all hidden behind panel

Wires behind bumper

control box neatly fixed behind side panel

Display mounted on dashboard

Finished result of parking sensor installation

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Honda Accord

Fitting to Honda Accord using the sea blue sensors available in the Dolphin range of reversing sensors.

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Honda Accord 04

Navy Blue parking sensors installed on a navy blue Honda Accord 2004 model. Good colour match, and as you can see from the first photo the sensors blend in so well its hard to see them at all!

04 registration honda accord

Close up of th navy blue parking sensors on Honda

Finished neat install

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Honda Civic

Honda Civic Y Reg with white reversing sensors fitted by one of our mobile installer network.

Y Reg Honda Civic

white parking sensor installation

Finished neat install

Red Honda Civic 2011

Red DPS400 Dolphin Parking Sensors Installed on to 2011 Honda Civic in Burntwood, Staffordshire. The installation was carried out by one of our fixed price nationwide installers.

Red Honda Civic 2011

Close up of red sensors

Parking Sensors Installed on Honda Civic

Honda Civic with rear parking sensors fitted in standard gloss black finish. Fitted by approved installer Daniel Boyes covering North Wales.

Honda Civic Parking Sensors installation

Dolphin Installed

Lee Knowles

Dolphin Audio in silver fitted to a Honda Civic. Masking tape is used to accurately identify the drilling location and it helps hold the drill bit in place when drilling and protect the paintwork. Ideally you want to mount them 50cm off the ground, you can get away with less but may need to use the wedges included in the kit to angle the sensors up slightly if you start mounting at 40cm or less.

The bumper has been drilled in situ but them removed to feed the cabling through to the boot where you can see a hole has been drilled and gromit fitted to pass the cabling through, you can alternatively use some silicone sealant. Power lead has been soldered onto the reverse light feed but a connector block is a more common solution.

measure out and mark on tape the positioning of the sensors

check the height from the book matches where tou are mounting

make a small hole for the drill to follow

use the drill bit provided in the kit to drill the holes for mounting

all holes drilled

bumper taken off

getting behind

hole through

feed wires through gromit

place through

replace bumper

Get in to power feed

tap off of feed to brake

control box

hidden away out of sight

Finished job looking good

Dolphin Sensors Installed on Honda Civic

Customer - Stuart Clyde

"I though I’d drop you a line to show you the photos of our recent successful installation of the Dolphin Sensors. We are delighted with them, they were simple to install; they work perfectly and were a fraction of the cost you’d pay in shops or elsewhere online. I have no problem in recommending them to others."
You can see here the customer self-fitted a DPS400 with our standard red colour sensors.

dolphin parking sensors installed on red honda civic

close up of sensors

neatly in bumper

more images with boot shut

another angle

Parking Sensors Fitted to Honda Civic 56

Photo of a DPS400 audio Kit fitted to Honda Civic 56 registration plate by our fitter Dennis. Silver Dolphin sensors were used and place in the colour coded bumper. We get lots of people wanting sensors fitting to Honda Civics, so if you have one, this is how its done.

56 registration honda civic

Silver parking sensors

close up angled view

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda Civic Hatchback 57 Reg with both rear and front parking sensors fitted in our standard Red colour as part of our nationwide installation network.

front and rear sensors fitted to honda civic 57 reg

front of car

rear of car

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Honda Civic Hybrid

Navy Blue Honda Civic Hybrid 56 Reg with rear reversing sensors and front parking sensors fitted through our team of mobile installers.

Navy Blue Honda Civic Hybrid 56 Reg

front and rear kit installed

front parking sensors

rear parking sensors

Honda Civic Type-R Reversing System Installation

Roy Munton

Veba AVRS1A self fitted to a Honda Civi Type R. The gloss black finish of the sensors is a good match. The are facing straight out so the small ledge in the bumper moulding under the sensors does not cause any problems.

black honda civic Type-r

rear parking sensors

close up angle

Dolphin Gloss Black Fitted to Honda CR-V

George Curtis
Practical Vehicle Accessories

A DPS400 fitted to a Honda CR-V. The rear mounted spare wheel can be a little tricky in this situations as you need to make sure you do not mount the sensors so close that they see the spare wheel as an obstacle. You can fit just 3 sensors in this instance if you want or squeeze two sensors in to the right hand side of the spare wheel as shown in this instance.

Honda CR-V

Dolphin Parking Sensors Honda CR-V

A popular choice for parking sensors which always raises customers concerns with the locations of the spare wheel but as you can see the sensors are fitted evenly across the vehicle and the spare wheel does not get in the way. This customer has ordered the DPS455 with the rear roof mounted display which you can see in the second vehicle with the all clear and the third picture shows the detection of a obstacle at 1.5m on the left side. As this is designed to be viewed in your rear view mirror the photo has been taken directly, hence it appears back to front.

spare wheel with parking sensors

rear roof mounted display

Numbers displayed back to front so that you can read them in the rear view mirror

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Honda CR-V

Four Iron Grey sensors fitted to the rear of a Honda CRV with spare wheel on the rear door. You will notice the sensors have been evenly fitted across the rear of the vehicle inline with the rear reflectors without any issues from the spare wheels location.

parking sensors working with a spare wheel mounted on the rear

Neatly positioned around lights

06 registration reg CR-V

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted on Honda

Derrick Rice

Dolphin Audio supplied in silver fitted to a Honda Jazz. Installed by his son in about 2 & 1/2 hours. Cabling is shown passing through a gromit in the side of the bodywork. The brain box is attached to the side of the vehicle and the buzzer is mounted underneath the rear parcel shelf. He comments "It's a great help to me parking in supermarket car parks"

buzzer hidden under parcel shelf

control box


threaded through

onda Jazz with parking sensors fitted

Honda Jazz C-Max Ghia Parking Sensors

Honda Jazz with a DPS450 audio and display kit in silver fitted. Customer has opted to have the display mounted in the corner next to the front A pillar.

display mounted on the dash board

Honda Jazz C-Max Ghia  with parking sensors

Honda Jazz With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Honda Jazz 2011 model with a Iron Grey rear parking sensors fitted in Northampton via ourselves.

Iron grey parking sensors installed on to a Honda Jazz

matchiong sensors installed in the the bumper with no additional spraying costs required

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Honda Jazz

Fitting by Daniel Boyes on a 59 Reg Honda Jazz (Sprayed Sensors)

Custome sprayed sensors installed on to a Honda Jazz