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2014 Ford Focus Fitted With Parking Sensors

2014 Ford Focus photographed by Watton Towing when in for front & rear parking sensors.

The rear parking sensors are activated when reverse gear is engaged. The front sensors are controlled by a CanBus interface which automatically activates them at speeds below 6mph.

All sensors are fitted in factory designated locations with 2 matt black sensors fitted in the front grille for a factory fit finish.

2014 white ford focus
White dolphin automotive parking sensors
Front parking sensors
Look factory fitted
installed in to grille

Ford Focus

Customer Self Installation - Carole Chesterman  - Surrey

End Result of Dolphin Iron Grey Installation Ford Focus

Martin Garlick 

"I am very pleased with the finished result and the performance of the sensors is excellent"

Ford Focus Style with parking sensors in the trim - Matt Black

Vanish in to the trim

Ford Focus Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Ford Focus Zetec with navy blue reversing sensors fitted in the colour coded part of the bumper. You could also have matt black sensors fitted in the lower trim as an alternative option.

Ford Focus rear bumper

Dolphin Parking Sensors on a Red Ford Focus

Here Graham at G-Tech has installed our standard sized parking sensors in red on to the rear bumper of a Ford Focus

Red Ford Focus

Parking Sensors Fitted to Ford Focus Cabriolet

Photo of a DPS450 (4 rear sensors and dash mounted audio/display unit) fitted to a Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet by Colin of Smart-Tech Kent. Sensors supplied in our standard Red colour giving a good match.

Ford Focus Cabriolet fitted with red parking sensors

Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet fitted with matt black reversing sensors fitted in the matt black plastic lower valance just where Ford mount the sensors if you have the factory fitted parking sensor option on this model. The lower valance is angled up to save the sensors from seeing the road this close to the ground.

Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Ford Focus C-Max

The parking sensors on this 06 plate Ford Focus C-Max are fitted in the lower trim in our Iron Grey colour. This lower trim is naturally angled up slightly being designed for sensor mounting when they come OEM on the vehicle.

parking sensors in trim

closer view from left

closer central view

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Ford Focus CMAX

Ford Focus C-Max with our standard Silver parking sensors fitted via Colin, part of our network of mobile installation engineers.

silver sensors to match bumpers

close up of the silver sensors

Ford Focus C-Max Ghia Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Ford Focus C-Max Ghia with matt black sensors fitted in the lower trim that is angled up. This is where the sensors are designed to go and where ford fit them as original equipment.

Ford Focus C-Max Ghia Silver Sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors Ford Focus Style

The Ford Focus is one of the UKs most popular cars so it's not a surprise to know our kits have been fitted to lots of these through our installer network.

Dolphin Parking Sensors Ford Focus Style

Dolphin Grey Fitted to Ford Focus Zetec

Submitted by customer Richard Heyes

.....I then bought and fitted your Dolphin sensors which are 10x better in appearance than the last set I had fitted. I had to spray the sensors as the match wasn't quite right and by spraying them from an increased distance managed to get a matt finish to match the trim better.

Ford Focus Zetec red sensors installed

Dolphin DPS400 Fitted to Ford Fiesta

Matt Black DPS400 Audio Parking Sensors Kit spray painted and fitted to Ford Fiesta. Fitting was carried our by Andrew Rossall of Blackpool Communications.

Sprayed sensors on Ford Fiesta

Dolphin Audio Maroon Ford Fiesta Style

A lovely example of the Dolphin DPS400 with Maroon coloured sensors fitted to a Ford Fiesta Style 58 reg. A very satisfied customer.

Maroon Ford Fiesta Style with sensors fitted

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Ford Fiesta Titanium

This Ford Fiesta Titanium has reflex blue parking sensors fitted, but we would recommend Electric Blue if you have this colour.

Ford Fiesta Titanium

Ford Fiesta With Dolphin Parking Sensors

This is a 59 reg Ford Fiesta with Sea Blue sensors which are metallic.

59 reg plate ford

Parking Sensors in Sea Blue Fitted to Ford GT40

DPS400 in Sea Blue fitted to a Ford GT40 by the owner of the car.

Ford GT 40 with sensors installed int he rear bumper

End Result of Black Parking Sensor Installation on Ford Ka

Peter Sime 

Peter had the black dolphin parking system fitted to his Ford Ka

Ford Ka with parking sensors installed in the rear bumper

Close up of the bumper

angled view of the Black Ka

From the other side

Dolphin Parking Sensors Ford Ka

Ford Ka with Sea Blue sensors fitted, two of which can be clearly seen above the number plate, and then one each side at a 45 degree angle. You would never know they were a retro-fit!

Sea Blue sensors on a Ford Ka

Dolphin Parking Sensors Ford Kuga

The new Ford Kuga 4x4, two silver sensors fitted above each of the rear fog lights and the middle two on the rear floorguard/trim. We can supply sensors mixed and matched in colour if requested at no further charge.

Kuga with silver sensors

Dolphin Fitted to Ford Kuga

Installation carried out by one of our fitters on a Ford Kuga. The sensors were Iron Grey and were a great match for this car

Parking sensors installed on the front of a Kuga

as well as on the rear of the car - Iron Grey

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Ford Kuga

This is a DPS800 fitted to the Ford Kuga in our standard White colour. The front of the Kuga does not lend itself well to having sensors mounted centrally at the front so they have been mounted at the side and also slightly further round on the wheel arch.

Although we do not generally recommend having them quite this far around on the sides the customer sighted these far corners as being the real blind spots on this vehicle.

Customer has got two sensors mounted centrally on the rear in white and 2 matt black on the lower bumper between the silver skirting and red reflectors, these are hard to see in the picture. These are the locations Ford fit the sensors on the rear and we are happy to supply mixed colours for such installations at no extra cost.

Dolphin DPS450 in Gloss Black Fitted to 08 Mondeo Edge

Submitted by Customer Richard Bryson

Installation of sensors and units was no problem, however wiring up the power wire to reversing lights was a real problem, as the Mondeo’s reversing lights are in the hatch. Tried accessing via the flexi-cable at top of hatch, but that failed, so I ended up leading the +/- wire right into the hatch and into the light connector behind the LH light .
Image below shows tape on bumper to both check position and height, plus to avoid drilling errors & slippage. Great hole saw supplied, fit was exactly as it shoud be, a good push fit.

Tape to check sensor location

The image below shows the sensors fitted, this part was very easy, and the wires routed under the car into the spare wheel well through a grommet already there. Plenty cable to spare. However, labels came off too easily.

push fit as they should be

The image below shows the wires coming up to the unit from the spare wheel well – and what I thought was the reversing light cluster – WRONG!

Neatly hidden under liner

Proximity display installed in a neat space in front of the gear level, just right, in view but out of the way. Wires were fine in length and leading them trough was relatively easy

Display mounted near gear stick

The image below shows the main box unit installed in the hatch under the LH side parcel shelf support. Good easy stiction, out of the way for boot loading

Control box hidden away

"In short, apart from the +ve lead hassle which is a Mondeo reversing light position problem, installation was easy, and this product is highly recommended."

Dolphin Camera Kit Fitted to Ford Mondeo

This shows a DPS400M fitted to a 58 plate Ford Mondeo Ghia. The camera is mounted centrally in the rear of the bumper just above the towbar for ease of hooking-up to tow. Four matt black sensors are mounted in the lower grey valence. The sensors do not detect the towbar.

camera parking sensor kit installed in a mondeo

side view

view from right side including tow bar

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Ford Mondeo Ghia 59 Reg.

This is another example of a customer purchasing a new car and opting for aftermarket sensors to be fitted. The Mondeo Estate Ghia has our very popular DPS400 parking sensors fitted to the rear.

59 reg mondeo

grey parking sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors Fitted to Ford Mondeo Titanium MK4

Thought I would write to say how pleased I am with the sensors.  I ordered the DSP400 reversing kit, arrived in 2 days, Dennis phoned a day later, all installed brilliantly 1st class service, 1st class product

I have attached a couple of photos - Ford Mondeo Titanium Mk4 2009. You will notice I opted for the gloss black as I think they look better on the matt coloured valance - personal preference.


gloss black sensors on the matt coloured valance

closer view of the valance

Dolphin Fitted to Ford Mondeo Titanium

Ford Mondeo Titanium with 4 reversing sensors and a reversing camera fitted (DPS400C). Two sensors are in the gloss black bodywork on each corner and two in the central matt black trim. The camera is fitted centrally. Installation carried out by our sub contract installer Colin in Kent.

Ford Mondeo Titanium

Dolphin Audio Fitted to Ford Mondeo Zetec

Ford Mondeo Zetec with our aftermarket Dolphin parking sensors fitted to the rear in gloss back into the main part of the bodywork. Installation carried out by approved installer Daniel Boyes in Crewe, Cheshire.

Ford Mondeo Zetec with parking senors installed in the rear bumper

Dolphin Fitted to Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger with front parking sensors and rear reversing sensors fitted by Colin in Kent.

Grey sensors at the front of this vehicle would have been a better match, we are able to mix and match sensor colours within a kit if you desire.

rear of ford ranger with sensors fitted

front of ford ranger with parking sensors installed - installation by colin of smart tech kent

Ford S-Max Dolphin Installed


Dolphin Display kit in black fitted to a Ford Focus S-Max. Photo's show that bumper has been drilled without removal. The central 2 sensors look a little lower than we would normally advise but customer reports they work fine. Outer two sensors mounted at high up for convenience of fitting.

"I have Installed the parking sensors Ford S-max and they work really well. Thank you"

holes drilled

finished job

Dolphin Micro Camera Installed on Ford Transit Pick Up

Dolphin Micro Camera in a Pod Housing. (this was an upgrade that we made to the DPS400M Kit as fitting the standard camera in this car would have been problematic)  And Mirror Monitor on a 2014 Ford Transit Pick Up

reversing camera installation

close up of thereversing camera

mirror monitor

view on the mirror monitor

Ford Focus S-Line

White DPS400 parking sensor kit installed on to ford focus S-Line

Ford Focus S-Line

Ford Mondeo 67 Reg

This 67 reg Ford Mondeo was fitted with a Dolphin Automotive DMS400 micro sensor kit in "muddy grey". I think you will agree a great match at a great price.

The DMS400 kit comes with an audio buzzer which alerts at a more frequest rate the closer you get to an obstacle.  The beep becomes continuous at a distance of 30cm to alert the driver to stop reversing.

Ford Mondeo installed with parking sensors

close up of bumper

DMS400 kit

dolphin parking sensors

Ford Focus ST Line

Check out this 2017 Ford Focus ST Line fitted with a Dolphin Automotive audio parking sensor kit (DPS400).

The sensors were installed by Watton Towing

Parking Sensors installed by Watton Towing