Citroen Parking Sensors

Citroen Parking Sensors

Citroen Vibe C1

Citroen C1 VT

Citroen C3 - Maroon

Citroen C3 - Blue

Citroen C4 - Navy

Citroen C4 - Silver
Citroen C4 - Front 08 Reg

Citroen C4 Picasso

Citroen C5

Citroen C8

Citroen DS3

Dolphin Black Fitted to Citroen C1 Vibe - From Tim Cave Northamptonshire

The fitting of the sensor kit was carried out to an exceptional standard by a Mr. Paul Simms of Platinum ICE as recommended within the documentation provided by yourselves.

Citroen C1
Holes drilled in bumper
wiring inside car
perfectly installed

Dolphin Red Fitted to Citroen C1 VT

From Customer - Alan Eyre (80 years young)

Earth point in Citroen C1 VT


Connecting to reversing light red wire with red scotch lock connector

red scotch lock connector

Marked out sensor holes on masking tape just above the bumper

Marked out sensor holes on masking tape

After drilling the sensor holes

Holes all neatly drilled

Dolphin Red sensors fitted in to holes with wires running from behind bumper

wires running from behind bumper

Leads drawn through hole behind lamp fitting

Leads drawn through hole behind lamp fitting

nearly done

before lat bits put back together

Positioning of buzzer and control box

view inside the boot

Most difficult was finding how to remove the LH rear lamp cluster then using a volt meter to find the correct wire, I didn't have a diagram nor did Halfords. I drilled very small starter holes before using the supplied hole cutter, a god send, particularly after I realized the bit needed cleaning after every hole. It took me most of 4hrs and at the end it became difficult getting up and down from the garage floor. (80 years old)

Dolphin Audio Maroon Fitted to Citroen C3

Sent in by customer John Wilmot

Just a few lines to say I was delighted with the Maroon DPS400 sensor kit. They were a perfect match for my "Wicked Red" Citroen C3. A local garage fitted them and they work extremely well. I attach a photo to show how well they blend in. Looks like they were factory fitted !

Many thanks & have recommended my friends to buy them too.

John Wilmot

Citroen C3 im Maroon with sensors that match the colour of the car

Parking Sensors Fitted to Citroen C3

Citroen C3. This vehicle has a lower valance which is angled upwards to take sensors (otherwise this would be too low). Mobile installation carried out by Daniel Boyes in Wrexham. We have arranged with the customer to swap sensors over to matt black to match the trim.

Using the blue sensors to create a statement

Dolphin Audio Sea Blue Fitted to Citroen C4

A 59 plate Citroen C4 fitted with a DPS400 parking sensor kit. Customer purchased Sea Blue sensors which are not a perfect match but better than standard black and not noticeable from a distance.

Citroen C4 in Navy
Closer view of the sensors

Dolphin MICRO Silver Fitted to Citroen C4

I’ve just had Colin fit my sensors. Superb job... very professional and clean. The silver mini sensors look better than factory fit!

I’ll be back!!

Kind regards

Kevin Durrant

Citroen C4 in Silver

Dolphin Audio Front Fitted to Citroen C4

Silver parking sensors fitted by Graham at G-Tech on a Citroen C4 front bumper

Front of Citroen C4 in silver with parking sensors

Dolphin Audio Sea Blue Fitted to Citroen C4 Picasso

Submitted by Customer - I Shiner

Great colour match for blue Citroen C4 Picasso

Citroen C4 Picasso with Sea blue parking sensors int he rear bumper

Citroen C5 With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Citroen C5 with our Micro parking sensors fitted in the factory fit holes on the lower trim.

58 Citroen C5 grey body coloured bumpers with parking sensors

close up of the c5 sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors For Citroen C8

Citroen C8 fitted with Grey Dolphin parking sensors at the customers place of work using our mobile installer network. If you have the colour Citroen then we would recommend Storm Grey as a better match.

Citroen C8

Citroen DS3 Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

On this Citroen DS3 (60 plate) the reverse wire in the light cluster is white. The system fitted was the Dolphin DMS400 reverse system

Citroen DS3