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BMW 318I

These pictures show a DPS800 front and rear parking sensor kit fitted to a 53 registration BMW saloon. The sensors neatly fit in the rubber trim on both the front and rear of the car with matt black sensor heads.

BMW 318I Parking Sensors
Front of the car parking sensors
installed in to the trim
Neat finish

Dolphin Parking Sensors BMW 525

Silver sensors fitted to BMW 525 54 plate. From the photos you can see silver as always is a good colour match and there are no issues with the tow-bar.

BMW 525 54 plate
parking sensors

Dolphin Parking Sensors For BMW 5 Series

Front parking sensors fitted to a BMW 5 Series with our standard silver colour. Fitting carried out with Colin, one of our nationwide installer network who will come to you at home or work to fit.

BMW 5 series with parking sensors installed in the front bumper

End Result BMW Old 6 Series

Silver front and rear

BMW old 6 series with sensors fitted

Great unobtrusive fit

Dolphin Audio Fitted to BMW Series 1

Our standard 4 rear sensors with audio alerts (DPS400) shown fitted to a BMW Series 1, 118d, 59 plate. Supplied in our standard Red offering a good colour match.

BMW series 1 parking sensors

Red sensors blend seemlessly with the red bumper

Dolphin Fitted to Silver BMW Z4

BMW Z4 with Silver parking sensors fitted to the rear through our approved installer network.

BMW z4 with parking sensors fitted

Silver is a great match on most makes and models of cars

BMW Z4 Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

This BMW Z4 has a DMS450 kit, the DMS range have smaller Micro sensors for a more discreet and original looking fit. This was fitted in Slough by Dennis, one of our nationwide mobile installer network

53 registration plate Z4 with parking sensors installed

How to fit parking sensors on to a Z4 BMW

BMW Z4 Installation

Standard size dolphin automotive silver sensors, installed by one of our network of fitters

07 registration plate installation

close up of the finished job

Parking Sensors Fitted to BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW Z4 in with grey sensors from a Dolphin DPS400 rear parking sensor kit fitted by Dennis is Epsom as part of our nationwide mobile installer network fitting at a fixed price at your home or place of work.

grey sensors are a great match for this bumper

you wouldnt know that they hadnt always been there